Full Service Affiliate Program Management


Running a successful Affiliate Program is similar to managing and operating a franchise and it requires more than a good network and software. The two key factors for success are:


First, the capability of a program manager to recruit, motivate and communicate with their affiliate marketing partners in order to achieve the objective of driving programs forward.


Second, the efficient allocation of resources for creative and programming development. Affiliate marketing is not a stand alone system. It requires an integrated approach.


QuintElements offer experienced affiliate marketing management team with proven track record in supporting, design and development, and affiliate marketing management. We offer a turnkey solution to provide companies with an instant cost effective marketing channel. Our system allows companies to select from a range of support options depending on the size of the program and its projected needs.


The QuintElements Affiliate Management service can be broken down into the following processes, which, in the case of a co-managed program, can be divided between the in-house and QuintElements teams:


Scope of Service

QuintElements provides full service solutions for Affiliate Marketing Management and Development for our clients, which covers all aspects of affiliate management including:

  1. Pre-Launch;
  2. Launch Services;
  3. Core Management Service; Affiliate Recruiting and Management
  4. Creative Development Service, and
  5. Conversion Analysis.

Pre-Launch Services

QuintElements performs the following services:

  • Conduct competitive analysis;
  • Site and Product analysis
  • Network review;
  • Market and conversion analysis
  • Network competitor insights;
  • Key target partner review, and
  • Tracking and reporting platform
  • Initial recruiting and commission structure recommendations.

Launch Services

  • Initial recruiting and commission structure recommendations;
  • Affiliate communication strategy;
  • Development of Affiliate Support Site Design and Content;
  • Development of Support Forum Design, and
  • Completion of "Pre-launch" checklist provided by Affiliate Network.

If deployed a support site can include, but is not limited to, the following core areas :

  • Welcome page;
  • What's new / in progress section;
  • Support forum links;
  • Points of contact;
  • Recommended product links;
  • FAQ's;
  • Best sellers lists;
  • Partner bonus section;
  • Coupons updates;
  • Content usage and support, and
  • Links to other relevant in-house or QuintElements tools.

Core Management Service : Affiliate Recruiting

  • Broad based and strategic affiliate recruitment "LinkShare," external new targets, external competitor targets, external position enhancement;
  • Affiliate evaluation, and
  • Manual affiliate application approval.

Core Management Service : Affiliate Management

  • Affiliate Manager ;
  • Affiliate communications;
       * Daily replies;
       * Activation;
       * New Affiliate welcomes and 'get rolling' suggestions;
       * Template Sites;
       * Feature / Marketing Strategy Launch;
  • Ongoing "Super Affiliate" account management;
  • Daily affiliate support;
  • Handle affiliate's technical and program related questions;
  • Affiliate segmentation;
  • Campaign development;
       * Incentives;
       * Contests;
       * Themes / Seasons;
  • Daily presence and activity on the core affiliate forums;
  • Daily presence on dedicated forum - If applicable;
  • Payment management - If requested;
       * Payment Approval;
       * International manual payment holds (High Threshold Requests);
       * Potential fraudulent commission payment holds.

Core Management Service : Network Management

  • Work directly with the affiliate network support contacts - if applicable;
  • Program analysis and optimization;
  • Affiliate segmentation and promotion analysis;
  • Updating and maintenance of affiliate resource/support site;
  • Suggest improvements or report problems with the program;
  • Write and send a monthly affiliate newsletter;
  • Maintain the content of your affiliate FAQ and support pages;
  • Generate ideas for new links, banners and affiliate marketing materials;
  • Develop ongoing promotions and incentives;
  • Strategies for activating affiliates and retaining existing affiliates.

Creative Development Services

Affiliates have demanding requirements when it comes to the creation of custom banners, full page HTML marketing, templates, and other supporting creative. QuintElements supports all creative development in-house as part of our affiliate management service, meaning that clients never need to create banners or worry about the extra support required, it is fully catered. Furthermore, all creative material developed by QuintElements may be used by the client outside of the direct affiliate marketing channel as required.


Copy Development Services

Most affiliates are aware that quality web sites are dependent on the content they provide; however, many affiliates do not posses the creative skills necessary to produce unique and accurate content for their own sites. When an affiliate approaches a network for relevant content, many respond by allowing access to content that resides on the network site. This is a quick and easy solution, but it is only a superficial solution. Deploying content, or using content, on a large-scale basis only serves to devaluate the content in the long term. The content is no longer unique to a specific site. It is no longer a value-added service when content is utilized to this extent. In actuality, it becomes stale and has a negative affect on the site's search engine positioning. QuintElements maintains in-house copy and content development services capable of providing unique and fresh content.


Affiliate PPC Brand Compliance Management

The bigger your brand the easier it is for an affiliate to make money from you by doing little more than targeting your brand through PPC keywords. The more deceptive methods of domain targeting, traffic interception and cannibalization of your natural traffic are prevalent. QuintElements can add an extra level of service and security to ensure that affiliate programs are clean and fully focused on value added sales, not cannibalized sales. Ensuring compliance enforcement can help a company save a lot in fraudulently claimed commissions.


Conversion Analysis

Once an affiliate program is up and running it is very important to ensure that the visitors coming to your site are given the best possible chance of checking out. QuintElements assists in this by providing recommendations on landing page design. Offering design and concept guidance as well as having the ability to set up click maps and conversion funnels so that every aspect of the program can be reviewed and improved.

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