Tracking and Analytics is at the heart of online marketing making it powerful and measurable marketing channel. We offer complete evaluation of analytics need and management dashboard and deploy and manage the solution for you.


Data-driven KPI and marketing strategies empower the companies to reach the potential and most profitable customers of their products or services, increase conversion rates, enhance customer loyalty and improve customer profitability. We analyze and optimize your target segments, site traffic, campaign/channel performance, landing page performance, ad copy and creative performance, site conversion process.

  • Establish KPI and management dashboard for pro-active actions.
  • Predictive modeling
  • Data acquisition solutions
  • Bid Management tools
  • A/B and Multivariate testing
  • Custom Tracking Analytics

Benefits at a glance:

  • Inform and improve paid search bid strategies
  • Expand under-invested partnerships and scale over-invested areas
  • Gain confidence and control over the digital marketing investment
  • Proactively reallocate budget to achieve campaign goals
  • Obtain a long-range view of your digital marketing customers

Top of the end solutions for Web Tracking, Reporting and Analytics Platform


Clicktracks - The originator of the “page overlay” analytics technique, Clicktracks has always had a different user interface and style delivering analytics data to it’s user. For some people their interface style is a huge favorite, for many. They offer both a hosted ASP solution and a software solution if you want to keep the data on your own server(s). Pricing is more then the low-cost solutions, but it’s also cheaper than the most of the other big gun analytics providers.

E-commerce data is a big part of the mix if you want it to be, so overall Clicktracks fits well as a user-friendly small business ecommerce solution.


Coremetrics - A long time player and have a lot of big clients, and their feature list looks very powerful.


Deepmetrix - Purchased by Microsoft in 2006, it’s believed that Deepmetrix has been rolled into the upcoming Microsoft analytics product codenamed Gatineau.


Fireclick - Another full-powered application like Coremetrics they have an impressive client list and have a nice looking feature set. The Fireclick Index is a report that features a dozen key performance indicators to track your key metrics all from one report. They also feature an Excel plugin and a site overlay tool to see your data while viewing your site.


HBX - A superpower web analytics application from public company WebsideStory. One of the leaders in all kinds of types of analytics reporting. HBX was one of the first to implement setting up custom funnels to track conversion on goals, they’ve had a site overlay for a long time, have a great plugin with Excel called ReportBuilder, introduced user segmentation early on, integration with PPC advertising, and have been using AJAX and other “web 2.0″ technologies before the term even existed. They also have an impressive client list, and they do a great job educating and also talking to their customers to get help on where to take their product.


Instadia - A Danish company that was one of the leaders in Europe, Instadia was acquired by Omniture in early 2007 to bolster Omniture’s business in Europe.


Intellitracker Enterprise - A UK enterprise product, but I couldn’t find much about them because the website is mostly text with nothing about features, a trial, a demo, or screenshots.


Omniture - A web analytics company based out of Utah that’s been on fire over the past couple of years signing big clients like eBay and AOL. I have have heard very good things about their SiteCatalyst solution for it’s power in user segmentation and ecommerce statistics. They also have a Data Warehousing feature that allows real time reporting combined with the flexibility of having good access to old data.


Sitestat - Made by Netstat and based in Europe and thus available in many languages, Sitestat is aimed at larger businesses and focuses on three main areas. Those areas are Campaign, Content, and Conversion.


Unica’s Affinium NetInsight - The big brother of their NetTracker, they pitch it as a solution for tracking marketing programs across multiple marketing channels. The strength appears to be their focus on flexibility and their drag and drop interface.


Visual Sciences - A web analytics company that’s been in “stealth” mode for a long time, they’ve long been talked about as having a disruptive technology compared to their competitors. They were just purchased by WebSideStory which should make for a very interesting application in the future as they make HBX and Visual Sciences merge or work together somehow.


Webtrends - The granddaddy of serious web applications, Webtrends has been around forever and been sold a few times along the way. Their now on their 8th version of their application, and they boast a big client list. Some new features include a conversion view from five points, bookmarking and sharing of analytics, a unique first-party cookie solution, and more. Unlike some of the other power applications.


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