Integrated Digital Marketing Approach


Turnkey Online Integrated Marketing

We connect your marketing budget and objective to your company strategic objectives and performance based goals. This means establishing performance metrics, media strategy, tracking and analytics and revenue generation as seamless process.


Integrated marketing establishes, connects, measure and optimize all strategies, events and processes in the marketing. This empowers top management to make business decision based on data and facts, and avoid guesswork or waste of resources.

Website Design & Development

Full service, rich and interactive site design and media development. Innovative and proven web solution for E-commerce, customer acquisition, branding, content and sales based sites. We pride ourselves on our ability to manage and deliver our projects on-time and on-budget. Our portfolio include static websites, data-driven websites, ecommerce websites, intranets, extranets, xml-based applications, cd-roms, content management systems, database-to-print publishing systems, customer relationship management systems, and other custom database solutions.
Mobile Marketing and Solutions

Mobile site creation & content management, mobile advertising & branding, and customer acquisition solutions. Custom applications and solutions development.

Media and Creative Design: Rich media designing, testing and optimizing
Full Services SEM Competitive and keyword research, managing and optimizing campaigns across all search engines, performance based management of all CPA, CPC and CPA campaigns.
SEO Generate organic traffic thorough high SEO ranking - Site optimization, link building, content building, directory and search engine management. Key word based page optimization.
Media-Campaign Management Full Services web campaign management, banner advertising, site placements, media buys, creative and campaign performance optimization. Network, publisher and channel management.
Lead Generation Develop partners and affiliate for lead generation, generate leads for any industry or products to meet the growth objectives,
Social Media and Blogs Create and manage company blog, generate company's presence across industry blogs and forums. Develop tools and widgets for social media hubs like myspace and facebook.
Viral marketing Create viral strategy and implement viral media.
Analytics and Tracking Deploy and manage web analytics and tracking system, create management dash board, optimize traffic conversion and ROI across the internet.
Affiliate & Partner Programs

Develop, manage and expand affiliate programs

Direct Marketing Search & Paid online marketing, email marketing, direct mail, call center marketing.



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