Lead Generation

Our lead generation process works by capturing, verifying, and distributing consumer information in real time. Our system automatically process and verify and distribute leads in flawless manner.

Consumer Websites A Consumer Visits Company Website
At this point the potential customer has not yet interacted with our lead platform; they are simply browsing the company website. The consumer notices a "Registration/Signup" button or link and when they choose to begin a quote, this is where the our Technology platform begins to work its magic.
Cutting Edge Forms Cutting Edge Forms and Lead Collection
The consumer begins to enter their contact, information, and personal information into one of our pre-built forms. Our usability tested forms deliver exceptionally high conversion rates across all types of product and services. After they have submitted all of their information the lead is passed through the processing functions of our platform.
Lead Verification Verification of Consumer Information
The consumer's contact information is verified for accuracy. Name, address, phone, and email are checked against public records databases to verify the authenticity of the quote. If a person's quote fails to pass our verification checks it does not continue beyond this point.
Lead Distribution Lead Matching and Distribution
After passing verification the consumer's information is now a verified lead. The lead enters the most powerful functions of our platform which include matching the lead to a receiving party and distributing that lead accordingly. The rules or guidelines that dictate how a lead is processed are completely customizable to client specifications. The receiver can be a single agent, an entire agency, a corporate sales associate, etc.. The end of the process is the lead is delivered via email or fax.

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