Media and Campaign Management

  1. Analyze, select, negotiate and buy entire media.
  2. Our network demographic and performance driven media engine allows our clients a wide selection of targeting options to suit their acquisition targets. Our clients can choose from any combination of the following: geography (country, city, zip/ postal, DMA, area code), daypart, weekday, frequency, channel, language, OS, browser, ISP, bandwidth and user agent.
  3. We offer Contextual Advertising Technology to maximize your Internet advertising dollar by displaying your advertisement on relevant web pages. We can deliver highly targeted contextual ads that go well beyond any traditional online promotion method.

  4. Deploy test, manage and optimize media.
  5. Track, monitor and optimize the placements and media performance, across publishers, networks, using advance tools.
  6. Evaluate the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns using our conversion tracking and detailed reporting services.
  7. Covert CPM campaigns to performance based campaigns.


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