Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management


We provide full service SEM campaign on all major search engine and other industry specific PPC networks. Our ROI based approach includes keyword selection, bid management, ad copy design, campaign, tracking traffic optimization and conversion.


The important steps of our PPC campaign management are:


1. Identifying company revenue, conversion and performance goals.

2. Deploying tracking and reporting system.

3. Competitive research for key word, messaging, ad copy and positioning.

4. Review of goals, budget and conversion process.

5. Evaluate, Negotiate and Buy Advertising Opportunities. Setup new account with all Search Engines. Interact and Manage all search engines, advertising vendors & partners

6. Aligning Keywords, Ad copy, landing pages and conversion process.

7. PPC Keyword Selection: Select keywords by carefully studying the competition, the cost and the traffic.

8. Ad Copy: Competitive research based ad copy design and optimization.
9. PPC Bid Management: Ensuring your search engine positions and placements actively on a daily basis by following a certain performance strategy and continuous optimization.

10. Test Landing Pages to Optimize Conversions

11. PPC ROI Analysis: Measuring, Reporting and Optimizing your campaign and maintaining competitive positioning, and ensuring marketing ROI.

12. Review of the results and goals with the management.

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