• Sanjay


    Sanjay Gupta brings over 19 years of experience in Marketing, Business Strategy & Development and Technology for Fortune 500 companies in the Internet, Technology and Wireless industries with demonstrated ability to lead product innovation and create strategic positioning to penetrate new market. Sanjay has a Master in Mechanical Engineering with proven expertise in performance-based Internet and Mobile Marketing. Sanjay has created and deployed several innovative solutions in integrated marketing for a wide range of companies, resulting in millions in customer acquisition and revenue growth. He also has an MBA from University of Southern California. . Additional areas of experience include:


    • Competitive Business & Marketing Strategy • Direct Response Marketing • Mobile Marketing • SEO & SEM Strategies • Agency Management • Media Buying & Strategic Partnerships • Brand • Management •Product and Process Management • Customer Acquisition & Lead Generation • Viral & Social Marketing •Affiliate & Partner Development





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